Why not use BartPE or VistaPE?

There are two well-known rescue systems based on Windows (and some rescue systems based on one of those two): BartPE (which uses Windows XP) and VistaPE (which uses Windows Vista). Both are great projects, sure. But they have several drawbacks:

  • You cannot distribute the finished CD (because they include files from Windows), so everyone has to build his own one
  • You will need a working Windows to build it
  • Usually, a Linux live CD (like grml or Knoppix) is more useful than a Windows Live CD
  • They are huge (hundreds of megabytes) and you will most likely not carry them with you all the time because CDs are larger than USB pens
  • If you have an USB pen, putting portable apps on there is better since you will use them much more often than BartPE/VistaPE.

As a result, you will usually have lots of portable apps and Linux live CDs handy, but no BartPE/VistaPE, if you need one (and if not, you will quickly find some computer magazine CDs that have a customized Linux live CD included…). You will never find a computer magazine that has a usable BartPE or VistaPE included…

So, LiVista Rescup should provide the following:

  • Be small – not larger than necessary
  • Include no files from Microsoft that cannot be redistributed
  • Enable you to use all your Portable Apps you have with you.

2 Responses to “Why not use BartPE or VistaPE?”

  1. mul14 Says:

    Where’s screenshot ???

  2. rescup Says:

    You can find screenshots at http://rescup.winbuilder.net/

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